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Swastick Book Box and Indian Talent Olympiad

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Swastick Book Box one of the leading Olympiad preparation guide has partnered with Indian Talent Olympiad to allow students to participate in Olympiads. Being an offline and an online platform for practice, Swastick Book Box has gone a step ahead in joining hands with one of the best centers for Olympiad exams. Students who refer to questions offered by this organization can apply for Olympiads by ITO. To know how more about Indian Talent Olympiad, please visit its official webpage at

Indian Talent Olympiad came into formation in the year 2012. It is fortunate and at the same time humbly proud to have Madam P.T Usha, an Olympian champion, Arjuna and Padmashree Award winner as its Chief Advisor. It is with the blessings and guidance of Madam P.T Usha that the organization works towards the betterment of all participants. Her constant support and appreciation go a long way in bringing the best out of children. The organization also has stalwarts from various academic fields in the advisory committee. Thus, Indian Talent Olympiad understands the needs of all Olympiad aspirants.

Swastick Book Box provides comprehensive practice material in the form of took-kits. These contain several practice questions for different subjects such as Reasoning, Maths, Science, English and General Knowledge. It also contains 5 tests for each chapter, 3 mock tests and 10 sample tests [Register Now]. All these tests are designed as per the actual Olympiad examinations. These being multiple choice questions, students have to understand and analyze each question thoroughly. It helps them to identify their weak areas and practice those on a regular basis. This further makes it easy for them when they participate in the final exam and compete with others.

Indian Talent Olympiad works in somewhat similar manner. Being an Olympiad organization, it conducts Olympiad exams. These can be taken Online at the convenience of students. These are weekly test series, popularly known as the Student Tests at Home. These are conducted every 2nd and 4th Saturday. Students can take these exams on any smart phone or tablet. It ensures that students are given the right knowledge and are well prepared before the final exam.

Students can also register at for Indian Talent Olympiad at our website. Doing so would allow them to not only practice study material offered by Swastick Book Box, but also help them to register for the final exam. Schools can also allow students to participate in these exams. To register a school, please click the link . In order to register, there must be at least 40 participants. Class teachers or subject-teachers can enroll students in the subject of their choice accordingly. It is believed that those who participate in these exams, score well in academics too.

Although there is a lot of online material available for preparing for Olympiads, nothing can replace workbooks. Therefore, Swastick BooK Box offers exhaustive sets of study material in the form of workbooks, previous year practice paper sets and other combo sets. All these books ensure students master basic concepts and stand a good chance of winning the Olympiads. These books can be purchased from the link A team of dedicated academicians, scientists and other knowledgeable individuals have put in a great deal of effort in crafting content for these books. It is as per the requirement of participants.

Swastick Book Box has designed the entire practice session into multiple levels. The first level tests students' knowledge on chapter-wise questions. It ensures that each and every fundamental aspect of the chapter is clear in the minds of the participants. The second level consists of sample tests, which tests students on the subject. It tests students on variety of chapters to check their understanding of the subject. The final test is the mock test, which is very similar to the final Olympiad exams. This being the final level provides an insight into the difficultly level and the type of questions asked in the main exam.

It is indeed beneficial for students who adopt Swastick Book Box's Olympiad Exam Preparation material for practice for the Olympiad exams conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. This is a perfect amalgamation of knowledge, practice and will work wonders for all participants. The workbooks offered by Swastick Book Box would prove beneficial to all participants. These books not only help for Olympiad preparation, but also assist for school exams. The syllabus for Olympiads is the same as prescribed by schools and thus students can take advantage of practicing the tricky questions. Thus, students who refer to Olympiad books, automatically score well in school exams.

Swastick Book Box along with Indian Talent Olympiad are here to help students in their journey of Olympiads. Holistic learning, overall growth and development is what matters to both these organizations.

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